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Hastings River floodplain

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council has developed a Floodplain Risk Management Study (2012) and a Floodplain Risk Management Plan (2013) for the lower Hastings Valley.

The Flood Risk Management Study & Flood Risk Management Plan outlines a range of flood management options which are designed to reduce the risk of potential flood damage to existing and future development and include a mixture of structural and non-structural measures. 

Additionally, the Plan puts forward an implementation strategy which defines priority rankings for each of the strategies and provides preliminary costing. It is also noted that any proposed flood mitigation actions which involve structural measures would need to go through normal pre-construction processes including feasibility, detailed design, options analysis, risk assessment, community engagement and costing prior to being considered for implementation.

Where is the Hastings River floodplain? 

The Hastings Floodplain is located on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, about 400 km north of Sydney. The floodplain comprises the waterways, the foreshores and adjacent low-lying lands of the Hastings River and its tributaries from the river entrance at Port Macquarie to approximately 3 km west of Wauchope. It includes the Maria River, Wilson River and adjoining floodplains.

History of flooding of the Hastings River

Floods in the Hastings occur mainly as a result of Summer to Autumn weather events, although major flooding has also occurred in the winter months.  In a major flood, areas are progressively inundated by local runoff backing up in creeks and drain; and finally by overbank flow. The two largest recorded floods occurred in April 1963 and January 1968.


Image: Hastings River Floodplain map.

Port Macquarie floodplain map

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