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Coast, Estuary and Floodplain Advisory Sub Committee

Beaches and waterways

The Coast, Estuary and Floodplain Advisory Sub Committee (CEF) provides a way for Council to consult with the community, businesses, various levels of government, land owners/managers and specialists in the field to assist Council in it's decision making for the development of our strategies and programs for coast, estuary and floodplain management.  CEF representatives are appointed by the elected Council with members including community, industry, other levels of government and responsible agencies. 

Key functions:

  • Advise Council on conditions and management issues for the coast, estuaries and flood.
  • Advise Council on the development of the Coastal Management Program (CMP).
  • Advise Council on the implementation of adopted management plans and actions.

This page was last updated on: 25 May 2021