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Broadwater canal maintenance reference group

The Broadwater Canal Maintenance Plan Reference Group (BCRG) is a Council adopted group of Broadwater Estate resident members with a charter to meet with Council on a bi-monthly (every 2nd month) basis to discuss the implementation of the Broadwater Canal Waterway Maintenance Plan; the ongoing maintenance of the canals; and to function as a conduit between the Broadwater Community and Council.

BCRG Charter

The BCRG was established to provide a strong partnership between Port Macquarie-Hastings Council and Broadwater Estate community.

The group charter is as follows:

  1. To recommend works priorities to Council for the implementation of the Broadwater Canal Maintenance Plan;
  2. To act as a communication conduit between Council and the Broadwater residents in respect to the Broadwater Canal Maintenance Plan;
  3. To Advocate the Broadwater Canal Maintenance Plan to the Broadwater Canal community;
  4. To recommend Broadwater canal capital works and maintenance improvements;
  5. To oversee and recommend actions with respect to expenditures on the Broadwater canal public infrastructure.

For more information please refer to the  Broadwater Canal Maintenance Plan Reference Group Factsheet197KB pdf(PDF, 197KB)

Contact the Broadwater Canal Maintenace Plan Community Reference Group

If you have a concern or question relating to the maintenace of the Broadwater Canals you can contact the Broadwater Canal Maintenance Plan Community Reference Group etither by email at or via the Groups facebook page.

 To stay connected with this group and receive any news or updates on Group activities or notifications, join the Facebook group by searching Broadwater Community Reference Group.

The BCRG meet with Council every two months and you are welcome to submit an item for discussion at these meetings. You can complete the online form and your item will be forwarded to Council and tabled for dicussion at the next scheduled meeting. You will receive a confirmation email once you have submitted your form successfully.

Broadwater Canal Maintenance Reference Group Meeting Minutes

Below are copies of the previous meeting minutes for Broadwater Canal Maintenance Reference Group meetings;









This page was last updated on: 22 July 2019