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Broadwater Canal maintenance

Waterway Definition (as per Broadwater Canal Maintenance Plan definitions):

  • A Waterway is defined generally as being the drainage reserve together with those parts of adjacent private property between the drainage reserve and a line drawn 100 mm from the outer or waterway face of the revetment wall.
  • The Waterway does not include the revetment wall.
  • The part of the waterway lying within private property is covered by an Easement for Maintenance in favour of Council, designed to legalise expenditure of Council’s funds on private properties.


Debris Removal

  • During flood events or major storms, debris from up river can be deposited on the beaches or on the waterway frontage to private property.
  • “Small flood debris” is that which can be handled and loaded for disposal by one (1) or two (2) persons, usually with the use of hand tools or hand held mechanical tools, and can be transported by a trailer or small truck.
  • “Large flood debris” is that which requires for its handling and disposal the use of mechanical equipment including loaders, barges or trucks. The cleaning up of small flood debris, including layers of sticks or other property will be the responsibility of the property owner.
  • The cleaning up and removal of large flood debris, such as tree trunks, large dead animals or other items, will come within the scope of the maintenance plan and be the responsibility of the Council.
  • Otherwise, where debris / pollutants are found in the waterway itself, a Customer request would need to be lodged to enable us to make an assessment of the risks associated with the debris/pollutant prior to determining a set course of action.


Canal Maintenance Plan

July 2016

The Canal Maintenance Plan provides a snapshot of the current condition of the canals and defines the maintenance to be undertaken by Council and private landowners over the next five years. The plan is broken up into the following documents:

Appendices F-J are available in the full report. If you require a copy of the full report please contact Mark Edenborough Senior Stormwater Engineer on (02) 6581 8645 

General Maintenance

In relation to the general maintenance of the canals themselves, the following applies:

Broadwater Canals

Maintenance responsibilities are delineated within the Memorandum linked to the title of all properties that pay the Broadwater Special Rate.

Synopsis of the obligations of the Council and the proprietors of land which is subject to the Waterway Maintenance Plan, registered as Memorandum AA7278751V:

The Council will:

  • Be responsible for the maintenance of the Waterway.
  • Carry out the maintenance in accordance with prescribed guidelines.
  • Levy a special rate on benefited properties and establish a maintenance fund from income received from the special rate, to finance the maintenance.
  • Have the sole discretion to determine the allocation of expenditure, subject to the prescribed guidelines.

The Proprietors will:

  • Pay the special rate levied by the Council each year.
  • Permit the Council access to the part of their land within the Waterway, and permit the Council to pass onto and over their land to gain access to the Waterway, for the purpose of carrying out the maintenance.
  • Be responsible for the maintenance of their own revetment wall, and shall not permit the wall to become broken or damaged.
  • Do nothing which will alter the profile of the beach or batter slopes within their property and will not remove or interfere with any rock protection on the beach or batter slopes.
  • Do nothing which will be detrimental to or alter the profile of the beach at the Waterway frontage, and shall not, without the consent of the council in writing, carry out any deposition of sand or any other material onto the beach.

Replacement of sand within a Canal

The placement of sand within the Broadwater Canals is not permitted under any circumstances and contravenes the requirements of Memorandum

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