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Broadwater Special Rate - Information Sheet

As part of the final stage of the Settlement Shores Canal Development, the developer - Port Shores Pty Limited, was required to put in place a Waterway Maintenance Plan.  Download the  Waterway Maintenance Map182KB pdf(PDF, 182KB)

  • The Waterway Maintenance Plan covered both routine maintenance and flood damage maintenance mechanisms for the waterways, beaches, rock protection, revetment walls and structures such as the flow deflectors, flood control weir and Park Street bridge.

  • While damage may occur due to major event flooding, it was also determined that there would be sedimentation of the canals, wind and wave erosion of beach areas and other routine and minor maintenance costs, together with inspection and survey costs.

  • In order for these costs to be met it was considered equitable that a special rate be introduced and applied benefiting owners within the Broadwater Subdivision area.

How is the Broadwater Special Rate calculated?

The Broadwater Special Rate has been levied since the commencement of the subdivision during the 2002/2003 Rating Period.

  • The amount of the rate is determined by multiplying the individual land value of each property by the rate in the dollar adopted by Council as part of the Revenue Policy contained with the annual Management Plan.

  • Details of the amount that has been calculated and levied are included on the Annual Rate Notice that is forwarded to each ratepayer at the commencement of each rating year.

How long will the Broadwater Special Rate be levied for?

The costs associated with maintenance of the Broadwater canals will be ongoing, therefore it is envisaged the special rate will be levied on affected properties for an indefinite basis.

Can the funds be used for other projects such as general canal maintenance?

No.  Section 408(3)(a) of the Local Government Act provides that “money that has been received as a result of the levying of a special rate or charge may not be used otherwise than for the purpose for which the rate or charge was levied.”

Council is required to act in accordance with this legislation, therefore revenue collected through the levying of the rate will be expended on the stipulated purpose.

Need more information?

  1. Summary of the  Broadwater Special Rate Reserve79KB pdf(PDF, 79KB)
  2. General information on the Maintenance of Broadwater Canals

If you need more specific information about the levying of the Broadwater Special Rate please contact Council on 6581 8111.


This page was last updated on: 10 September 2019