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Koala Road Strike Signage Competition 2020


Do you love koalas and want to make a difference to their preservation? Do you have a clever way with words?

Impacts of Koala Roadstrike

Did you know that vehicle strike is a major cause of koala mortality and can threaten the existence of our local populations? 

Over the past five years, 128 motor vehicle strikes have been recorded. Of those 128, 54 koalas were dead upon arrival while another 36 died within a few days of admission. Do you want to make a difference?

Black Spots

Council have identified problematic lengths of road in our local area in which the rate of koala vehicle strike is consistently high. These areas are known as ‘black spots’.  The worst vehicle strike ‘black spots’ have been quite consistent across time and therefore unless resolved, are likely to continue to result in further koala mortality.

Two of the worst black spot areas is between Widderson Street and Findlay Avenue on Gordon Street and the area surrounding Port Macquarie Golf Course on Ocean drive and these are the areas we’ll target for this competition.

About this Competition

Do you want to put your persuasive writing techniques to the test? We need you to come up with powerful and persuasive words to be included on a variable message road sign (VMS) that encourages drivers to slow down in order to minimise koala road strike. There are very explicit specifications that are going to make this task extra challenging.

To give a brief outline of the requirements of entrants, you’ll need to create 2 frames (pages) and each frame will need to contain a maximum of 3 lines with 9 characters per line. We have created a  sign design template316KB pdf(PDF, 316KB) for you to use and the  terms and conditions2MB pdf(PDF, 2MB) outline the competition guidelines.

The Winner will also be given a Koala adoption through the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. This includes a printed adoption certificate, a story about the adopted koala, a booklet about koalas, a Koala Hospital bookmark and a copy of the latest Gum Tips publication.

Submissions will be accepted from Monday 27 July until 5:00pm Thursday 20 August 2020 AEST. When you are ready to submit your entry, please complete the entry form below.

koala crossing What is a VMS

A variable message sign, often abbreviated VMS is an electronic traffic sign used to communicate an important message to drivers.

Click here to view form.

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