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Tree Preservation and Management

Tree and Vegetation Management

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council’s Development Control Plan - Tree Management protects trees within the area  and prohibits their removal, pruning or activities causing the tree injury, decline, death or disease.

Public Lands (Council managed)

Council is responsible for the management and maintenance of public trees and vegetation in our area. Future planning, species selection and ongoing maintenance are essential in providing sustainable urban vegetation and preserving environmental and ecological benefits for our community.

Please contact Council on 02 6581 8111 or  to request public tree works.

Council does not allow the public to prune or remove trees or vegetation upon public lands.  Prosecution and fines up to $110,000 can apply

Private Lands

Tree Management goals are to protect individual trees and the urban canopy.  If you wish to prune or remove a tree on private land you must seek approval from Council. You can not start work until this is done.

For further information on removing or pruning trees on private land, see Council's Tree pruning and removal page.

Neighbours trees (Private Property)

Council does not have authority to intervene in disputes between neighbours over tree matters.

The Trees (Disputes between neighbours) Act 2006 covers disputes between neighbours involving trees. Under this legislation the first step is to attempt to resolve any disputes through mediation.

For further information refer to:

Community Justice Centre and the Land and Environmental Court - Lawlink

Alternatively please seek legal advice from either the Chamber Magistrate, Solicitor or Law Access (1300 888 529)

This page was last updated on: 07 July 2020