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Long Term Energy Strategy

Renewable Solar Energy

Council recognises the importance of responsibly planning for and managing its long term energy requirements and has developed a  Long Term Energy Strategy7MB pdf(PDF, 7MB) (adopted at the October 2017 Council meeting) which focuses on the future financial sustainability of Council.

The strategy has included a review of Council’s current energy state, and current and future energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities. The intent of this strategy is to provide guidance to enable Council to continue to pursue and implement the most appropriate energy projects.

Strategy Components

Council will aim to source 100% of it's electricity from renewable sources by 2027.

the adoption of an appropriate long-term energy target is required to guide and enable Council to pursue and implement the most appropriate energy projects over a long term period. a target will support Council in meeting its overarching objective of managing Council’s energy resources and requirements in a financially sustainable manner

Council will aim to implement one or more mid-scale solar projects, when this technology becomes cost efficient to install and operate, in the medium to long term.

A mid-scale solar PV (Photovoltaic) plant refers to grid-connected PV generation on Council-owned land, that could be developed in order to either offset grid-derived electricity or create an equivalent amount of renewable electricity to that purchased for Council’s operations. As this technology is not currently cost effective to install and operate, Council will review this objective on an ongoing basis with the goal of implementation in a medium to long term.

Council will continue to implement appropriate energy efficiency initiatives (including but not limited to more small-scale solar projects) in the short to medium term.

A number of energy efficiency initiatives have been identified, that will support Council in meeting its overall targets.

Council will report on progress via the annual Operational Plan, an annual report to Council, and periodically obtain strategic advice to inform the organisation of relevant advances in renewable energy technology

Council will utilise the existing Operational Plan reporting framework and an annual progress report to Council to report on progress to the community

This page was last updated on: 24 September 2018