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Waterways report

As part of Council's Ecohealth Programme a ecological health assessment of all major waterways is conducted every 4 years. Each section of waterway is given an overall health rating.

Hastings and Camden Haven Catchments Echohealth Project

Assessment of River and Estuarine Condition  - Final Technical Report

The development of a standardised means of collecting, analysing and presenting riverine, coastal and estuarine assessments of ecological condition has been identified as a key need for coastal Local Councils who are required to monitor natural resource condition, and water quality and quantity in these systems. 

The project aimed to:

  • Assess the health of coastal catchments using standardised indicators and reporting for estuaries, and freshwater river reaches using hydrology, water quality, vegetation and habitat quality, and other measures; and
  • Contribute scientific information to the development of a report card system for communicating the health of the estuarine and freshwater systems in the Port Macquarie region.

To read more about the report please refer to the  Hastings Ecohealth Report 201717MB pdf(PDF, 17MB)

Download the Ecohealth Brochure and Poster


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