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Wauchope Sewerage Scheme

This page provides the licence details for the Wauchope Wastewater Treatment Plant and the monitoring reports on the water quality, as required under the Protection of the Environment Amendment Act 2011.

Wauchope Wastewater Treatment Plant Licence Details

Location: Bain Street, Wauchope

Environmental Protection Licence No.: 804

Discharge Monitoring Points:

EPA Monitoring Point 1:

Inlet to the treatment plant.

Monitoring Frequency: Continuous online flow measurement.

EPA Monitoring Point 2:

Discharge to Hastings River

EPA Monitoring Point 3:

Sampled from the treatment plant prior to discharge into the Hastings River.

Monitoring Frequency: Weekly water sampling and continuous on-line flow measurement.

EPA Monitoring Point 4:  

Overflow from treatment plant to Yippen Creek.

Monitoring Frequency: Samples are taken during each wet weather overflow event.

Licence Conditions of Discharge:

 EPA Monitoring Point 3  
 BOD   20mg/L
 Ammonia  10 mg/L
 Total Nitrogen  20 mg/L
 Total Suspended Solids  30 mg/L
 pH  6.5-8.5
 EPA Monitoring Point 2  
 Total Flow

 3800 kL/day (wet weather)

1600 kL/day (dry weather)

 EPA Monitoring Point 4   
 Total Flow   20000 kl/day (wet weather)

*Refer to the Effluent Quality Glossary Terms for definitions of the above.

Monitoring data are available to download in a pdf by clicking on the links below, or you can request a copy of these data reports in an excel format by contacting Council on (02) 6581 8111. 


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From 2012 – 2017, Wauchope Wastewater Treatment water quality data was being reported in a combined report with Dunbogan, Kew and Kendall. Wauchope reports were split from Camden Haven after March 2018. To view these earlier reports visit the Camden Haven, Kew and Kendall Sewerage Scheme page. 


This page was last updated on: 13 January 2020