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Bonny Hills Lake Cathie Sewerage Scheme

This page provides the licence details for the Bonny Hills/Lake Cathie Wastewater Treatment Plant and the monitoring reports on the water quality, as required under the Protection of the Environment Amendment Act 2011.

Bonny Hills/Lake Cathie Wastewater Treatment Plant

Location: Magellan Place, Bonny Hills

Environmental Protection Licence No.: 594

Discharge Monitoring Points:

EPA Monitoring Point 1:

Sampled from the treatment plant prior to discharge to Rainbow Beach via a sand dune exfiltration system.

Monitoring Frequency: Weekly water sampling.

EPA Monitoring Point 2:

Overflow from wet weather detention ponds to Duchess Creek.

Monitoring Frequency: Samples taken during each wet weather overflow from the creek.

EPA Monitoring Point 3:  

Inlet to the treatment plant.

Monitoring Frequency: Continuous on-line flow measurement.

Licence Conditions of Discharge:

 EPA Monitoring Point 1  
 BOD  20mg/L
 Oil and Grease  10mg/L
 Total Suspended Solids   30mg/L
 pH  6.5-8.5
 EPA Monitoring Point 1  
 Total Flow   4000 kL/day

*Refer to the Effluent Quality Glossary Terms for definitions of the above. 

Monitoring data for the Bonny Hills/Lake Cathie Wastewater Treatment Plant is available to download in a pdf report by clicking the links below.

You can request a copy of the data reports in an excel format by contacting Council on (02) 6581 8111.  




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