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Landcare planting

Council's Bushland Management Team works closely with Landcare and other environmental groups within the Port Macquarie-Hastings region, giving expert guidance and coordinating the work being undertaken. They share knowledge and experience with best practice bushland regeneration and ecological restoration.

Landcare Community Nursery Weed Swap

Every Monday 9:00am, to 12:00noon (except public holidays)
Landcare Community Nursery (NPWS Depot)*
122 Blackbutt Road, Port Macquarie

Escaped plants from domestic gardens are invading Port Macquarie’s urban bushland impacting our native flora and fauna.
Bring a before and after removal photo of a weed from your garden and we will swap it with a suitable Australian native for you to take home and plant (3 free replacements per household).

A  list of targeted weeds522KB pdf(PDF, 522KB) is available to download and print.

Report to NPWS office before attending nursery


There are a number of great groups organising many volunteers in litter collection, weed management, native plant propagation and bush regeneration and helping to care for our local environment, farmland and natural resources.


Hastings Landcare Inc. was formed in 1995 and is made up of individual Hastings Landcare members and is run by a volunteer management committee which is elected each year at the annual general meeting. Hastings Landcare both supports and gains support from other Landcare groups making a difference in our region. Hastings Landcare is a member of the North Coast Regional Landcare Network and Landcare NSW.


The Wauchope Landcare Group (Hastings Landcare) is dedicated to bush regeneration on public reserves in Wauchope. Wauchope Landcare control weeds such as lantana, Madeira vine, balloon vine, wild tabacco, etc. The group also plant local native plant species to improve biodiversity, prevent erosion and create an under story.

Port Macquarie Landcare is a rapidly growing organisation of volunteers dedicated to improving the land and related environments within the Port Macquarie area. Their aim is to contribute to ecosystem restoration of urban bushland, waterways, coastal and marine environments, increase community awareness and foster liaisons with like-minded organisations.

Native plants from Landcare's Nursery are used for Council's new plantings in reserves and parks, by developers and by residents and farmers. As part of its outreach work, Landcare is also growing plants for Weed Swaps and helping residents to learn about and adopt native plants through Backyard Bushcare.


Members of the Lake Cathie Landcare Group are concentrating on dune restoration at Jonathon Dickson Reserve, Lake Cathie. The weekly working bees, with the assistance of Port Macquarie Hastings specialists and Hastings Landcare have become a big hit with students from the local high schools, who can see and participate in the restoration of this important ecosystem. The group have extended into other areas of Lake Cathie concentrating on controlling weeds such as bitou bush, ground asparagus and winter senna. Hundreds of trees, shrubs and grasses have been planted over the years creating a biodiverse rich area.


Rollands Plains Landcare group regularly meet to work on local public sites controlling various weeds such as camphor laurel, lantana and cats claw creeper. The group has been successful in applying for grants to repair erosion to the Wilson River, control weeds on public and private land, introduce dung beetles, manage riparian zones and eliminate feral animals. The Rollands Plains Landcare Group encourages sustainable farming practices and exchanges information and experience between members of the group.

Camden Haven Landcare Group is one of the oldest groups in the area members work regularly on three local sites controlling everything from morning glory to camphor laurels. Camden Haven Landcare Group is an energetic group that have volunteer working bees twice a month.

Bonny Hills Landcare Group have rehabilitated the headlands around the area. A persistent effort over many years has dramatically reduced the weed load and allowed for the natural regeneration of local native plant species. The group controls weeds such as bitou bush, ground asparagus and ockna.


North Side Progress Association represents the communities on the north shore of the Hastings River in Port Macquarie. The group welcomes volunteers to assist with community tree planting projects to protect the unique littoral rain forest on the North Shore.


Mid North Coast Microherders is a discussion group for landholders who farm between the Hastings River catchment and the Nambucca River catchment of NSW, Australia, who are interested in the biology of their soil.

Dunbogan Bushcare is dedicated to the care of the coastline on various sites between Dunbogan to Crowdy Bay. The group controls weeds including bitou bush, lantana, winter senna and ground asparagus. The group meets weekly and also hold an annual bush regeneration camp at Kylie’s beach.


Local Landcare groups are always looking for volunteers to contribute whatever time and skills they can. All ages and capabilities are welcome. If you are interested in joining please contact your local group. Personal protective equipment, tools and training will be provided.

This page was last updated on: 26 August 2019