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Bushland reserves

Bush regeneration
Bitou Bush spraying at Lighthouse Beach
Bush Regeneration - rubber plant
Rubber Plant removal at Lake Cathie Foreshore

Council supports, promotes and undertakes protection and restoration of bushland reserves and encourages residents to help local wildlife by using local indigenous plants when gardening. We do this through strong community partnerships with Landcare and conservation groups.

We have gathered together a number of useful resources and contacts to help create an ecologically sustainable community for our region.

1.  Bushland reserve management

Council uses a logical, repeatable and scientific method to prioritise its bushland reserve management as well as to be able to measure progress towards defined targets and goals.

Bushland management has five phases:

  1. Assessment (what is the site’s health, current progress and status?);
  2. Prioritisation: (which actions, where and why);
  3. Initial knockdown and landscape-scale weed control: (reducing the weed load);
  4. Bush regeneration: finessing the site allowing it to naturally regenerate and become strong again; and
  5. Ecological maintenance: keeping the site healthy and robust against threats. 

 PMHC Bushland Reform Report3MB pdf(PDF, 3MB)

2.  Horticultural plants that are environmental weeds

Check which of your horticultural plants have been recorded as invading bush-land in your area. As an alternative, choose an indigenous plant native to your local area.   

3.  Volunteering for bush restoration

We have strong community partnerships with a range of volunteer organisations and groups that take responsibility for the rehabilitation and restoration of many of our managed bushland reserves. These partnerships also extend to our Crown Lands neighbours such as National Parks and Wildlife, Crown Lands Department and State Forests.

Key contacts:

4.  Gardeners guide for planting Littoral Rainforest

These guides are designed for residents of the Port Macquarie-Hastings Area. The advice and the species listed have sufficient variety and flexibility so as to suite any situation - from the farm, acreage or home garden to apartments with a balcony.

You will need three things to do the job:

  1. The planting guide: provides general information and background (Gardeners Guide for planting Littoral Rainforest)
  2. Littoral Rainforest plant species list: provides the common and Latin name and the plant’s dimensions (Gardeners Littoral Rainforest species list)
  3. Planting Advice Tables: allows you to work plant numbers and types for your project (Gardeners Guide for Planting Littoral Rainforest).

For advice and assistance on planting, species availability, and site-specific advice you can contact your local nursery, Port Macquarie Landcare or Council's Ecologist. A list of contact can be found in the Gardeners Guide for planting Littoral Rainforest. 

This page was last updated on: 19 March 2019