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Road and bridge closures

road closed at wauchope due to flood damage

Our Council crews are out and about working to repair damages and restore transport access across the region as soon as possible.  Where required, temporary diversions or bypasses will be provided. There may be damage to other roads so please take care. Remember - do not ride, drive or walk through floodwater. 

CAUTIONS or ROAD CLOSURES are in place on the following roads and bridges:

  • Bagnoo Road, at Thone River crossing, Byabarra - open
  • Ballengarra-Bransdons Road - open
  • Batar Creek Road, Kendall - open, drive with caution
  • Black Creek Road, Upsalls Creek - open, drive with caution
  • Bulga Road, Elands - MidCoast Council, road closed
  • Bulli Creek Road, Byabarra - drive with caution
  • Captain Cook Bicentennial Drive - road closed indefinitely, reassess in 6 months
  • Colling Roads, Elands - open to light traffic only, drive with caution 
  • Comboyne Road, from Hartys Creek to Stennets Road - road closed indefinitely, undertaking geotechnical assessments
  • Comboyne-Wingham Road - open, drive with caution
  • Coombes Road, Forbes River - open, drive with caution
  • Costigans Road, Yarras - open, drive with caution
  • Ennis Road, Redbank - road closed, undertaking geotechnical assessments
  • Fegans Road, Byabarra - open, drive with caution
  • Hacks Ferry Road - road closed
  • Hyndman's Creek Road, Comboyne - open
  • Logans Crossing - road closed
  • Lorne Road, Comboyne - open, drive with caution
  • Maria River Road, Maria River - road closed north of Mundays Lane
  • Mundays Lane, Maria River - road closed
  • Oxley Highway, at Mount Seaview - major slippage - road closed at Forbes River Road
  • Pembrooke Road at Stoney Creek Bridge - road closed
  • Pipeclay Road, near Hartys Plains Road - open, drive with caution
  • Rawdon Island Road, Rawdon Island - open, drive with caution
  • Rollands Plains Road, Ballengara - open
  • Stoney Creek Road, Wauchope (near Secombe Lane) - open, drive with caution
  • Tipperary Road - open, drive with caution
  • Toms Creek Road - road closed
  • Upper Rollands Plains Road, Myhills Bridge - open, drive with caution
  • Wingham Road, Comboyne - open, drive with caution
  • Woodlands Road, Gulginni (Maria River) - road closed

To view road closure locations in map view, head to MyRoadInfo.

For the latest ferry information, visit the Ferries webpage.

This page was last updated on: 15 April 2021