Water supply interruptions


We do our very best to ensure a reliable water network for our community. However, your water supply may be temporarily switched off for emergency repairs, such as a burst water main or leak.

In these events, we work as quickly as possible to restore your water supply as possible, and inform you of the event.

Water service interruptions that are affecting a large part of our community are advertised on our website, and on our Facebook page. If service interruptions are affecting an isolated area, our team will advise residents by door-knocking. 

Managing your water supply in an outage

In the event of a water outage,  you may experience no water, low water pressure and/or water discolouration until the issue is resolved. Follow these tips to learn what to do in an outage, and when to know your water supply is restored.

Tips for during an outage

  • It is important to keep water taps closed while water supply is off as water may return at any time.
  • Do not use water heating systems, washing machines, or other applications that use your water supply until it is restored. 

Tips for after an outage

  • Once water has been restored, open cold water taps very slowly at first to allow any trapped air to escape.
  • When your water returns, it may be discoloured due to sediment. Run your tap for a few minutes until the water starts to run clear.
  • When your water returns, it may appear milky. This is caused by small air bubbles. Don’t be alarmed it is not harmful, and will settle in a short period. A glass of water should turn clear if left for 1-2 minutes. If it doesn't please contact us on 6581 8111.


Supply interruption notifications

Notifications of planned and unplanned water outages and service interruptions are detailed below. 

Unplanned interruption notifications

There are currently no notifications.

Planned interruption notifcations

There are currently no notifications.