Flood waste disposal


Fees for the collection and disposal of waste directly caused by the March 2021 flood disaster have been waived since the disaster was declared.

A year on, and our community's flood recovery is ongoing. Recognising this, Council has decided to continue accepting flood waste from this disaster until 31 December 2022, at no cost to impacted residents.

Our community has shown incredible resilience during yet another challenging event. Providing free disposal of flood damaged waste is a crucial step in supporting our community’s ongoing recovery. 

An important change to this process is that flood waste must be declared and assessed in order to be eligible for the fee exemption. General household clean-up waste will be subject to the standard fees and charges.

To declare your flood affected waste, complete the form below.

Apply for a fee exemption

Step 1.Check your eligibility

You can request a fee exemption if:

  • your property is located within a declared impacted area
  • your recovery progress has been impacted by external influences.

Step 2.What you need

When applying, you will need to supply:

  • your name and contact details
  • your residential address
  • details and images of the waste
  • your preferred method of disposal
  • supporting evidence to confirm your eligibility.

Step 3.How to apply

Submit your application for an exemption by completing our online form.

Take me to the form

Your application will be assessed, and if eligible, you will receive written confirmation of the waiver. This confirmation must be shown at our waste facilities when disposing of waste.