Integrated transport network


We are developing strategies to manage our transport network for the long-term benefit of our community that:  

  • Connects our communities, 
  • Supports the local economy, 
  • Provides accessible, public and active transport options, 
  • Protects our lifestyle, 
  • Creates liveable places, and 
  • Ensures the safety of our network.  

Improving the local transport network remains firmly in our spotlight. With over 1300kms of roads – sealed and unsealed, and more than 220kms of footpaths to maintain we must prioritise these accordingly.   

We are developing strategies and plans that will help with our future transport planning.

Two key strategies we are currently working on are the Regional Integrated Transport Strategy and the Port Macquarie Transport Network Planning.

Transport Network Planning

In June 2019, Council resolved to develop a Strategic Business Case to develop options to improve accessibility, connectivity and road safety for the Port Macquarie Transport Network. The strategic business case will include a review of route options and how these compare with, or add to possible improvements to the existing road network, such as planned upgrades to Lake Road, Ocean Drive, or other Council-managed roads, and the Oxley Highway, as a State-managed road.  

The project aims to improve multi-modal transport access through Port Macquarie and connection to the local coastal villages and towns. The study will aim to present options that balance environmental, social and economic impact and takes into account previous studies and community feedback. The study will help inform future works with the aim of improving travel speed and traffic congestion throughout Port Macquarie in a coordinated program.  

This project seeks to: 

  • Improve the road network in and around Port Macquarie through widening roads, upgrading intersections and/or providing new links; 
  • Alleviate traffic congestion; 
  • Improve connectivity for all users to key destinations including the Health and Education Precinct, the Airport and the Regional Sports Stadium; and 
  • Support growth over the next 20+ years. 

The study will consider long term solutions to addressing our current and future traffic growth, and is essential for the economic and social vitality of our community. 

A consultant has been appointed and is preparing the Strategic Business Case.

The proposed Orbital Road Project

In 2016, we commissioned the ‘Port Macquarie Outer Orbital Link Road Corridor Engineering Feasibility Investigation’, which included a preliminary environmental review, strategic concept designs and multi-criteria constraints analysis for various route options for an Orbital Road, cost analysis of the routes and engagement with Roads and Maritime Service. Building on the findings of this investigation, an Area Wide Traffic Study was undertaken to analyse predicted traffic patterns over the next 20 years. 

The findings from this investigation led to a resolution in the November 2018 Ordinary Council Meeting to progress the investigations for a proposed Orbital Road solution.

Following our decision to progress investigations into route options, we began engaging with property owners, residents, and business owners within the Orbital Road investigation area, along with the greater community, to seek feedback on the final route option development. 21,000 Community members supplied feedback received through numerous engagement activities. 

At the June 2019 Ordinary Council Meetings, the community feedback was noted, and Council supported the idea that the community concerns regarding future traffic congestions needed to be addressed, and noted the strong opposition to the proposed Orbital Road as the preferred viable route. 

A Strategic Business Case to assess options to improve accessibility, connectivity and road safety for the Port Macquarie Transport Network is now part of Council’s future planning for an integrated transport network. 

Port Macquarie Transport Network Community Consultative Committee

The Port Macquarie Transport Community Consultative Committee (PMTCCC) provides a forum for discussion between Council and the community on issues directly relating to the investigation of proposed Orbital Road options, planned traffic network improvements, as well as upgrades to the existing Port Macquarie road network, through the development of a Strategic Business Case.

The PMTCCC may make recommendations to the Director Infrastructure or the General Manager who will have the discretion to prepare a report, for consideration by Councillors through a formal meeting of Council. Council will consider recommendations that come from the Committee, however is under no obligation to resolve in favour of such recommendations.