How you can prepare

If you live close to bushland, scrub, grassland or farmland, you're at risk of bushfires. Being prepared could reduce the destructive effects a bush fire will have on your property and could save the lives of you and your family.

Below you'll find useful information to help you prepare for bushfires:



Information to assist you in what to do before, in the event of, and after an emergency.  Emergency Hub
To find current information on all fire-related incidents. Fires Near Me (nsw.gov.au)
Download the official app to view emergency warnings and advice for fires, floods and tsunamis in NSW.

Hazards Near Me
App Store or Google Play.

Get ready for a bush fire by making a bushfire survival plan. Bushfire Survival Plan
Prepare your property in case of a bushfire Prepare your property
Neighbourhood Safer Places are a place of last resort during a bushfire emergency. Find out where yours is here. Neighbourhood Safer Places
If you're concerned about bush fire hazards on your property or the property adjacent to you, report it to the RFS here. Report a bushfire hazard to NSW RFS

For more information and guides from the NSW RFS, see Related Links on the right of this page.

How we help mitigate bushfire risk

Asset Protection Zones and Conservation Buffers

Have you used the QR code on one of our bushfire signs? An interactive map is under construction for this page to provide more in-depth information, due in 2024.

Asset Protection Zone

What is an APZ?

An Asset Protection Zone (APZ) is the area between a residential or commercial building and an adjacent fire hazard (i.e. bushland).

Keeping this area clear provides ease-of-access for firefighters and emergency/maintenance personnel to protect life and property safely. Any encroachment in this area hinders firefighting efforts.

Please report any encroachments such as trailers or illegal dumping on public land to Council. Authorised Council officers may remove any items, rubbish or other obstructions by order of the Chief Executive Officer.


Conservation Buffer

What is a Conservation Buffer?

A Conservation Buffer is a land management area which provides additional bushfire mitigation where the bushland (hazard) is not deemed significant enough to warrant a formal Asset Protection Zone (APZ) under the Rural Fires Act 1997.

Any encroachment such as trailers, illegal dumping or other in a Conservation Buffer hinders firefighting efforts. Please report any encroachment to Council.