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Town Beach coastal management

Port Macquarie’s Town Beach has been exposed to progressive erosion over the past 10 years. The northern end of the beach has retreated and the ongoing erosion has lead to a gradual loss of beach amenity.

The focus of the Town Beach Coastal Management plan is to address the issue of beach erosion and loss of beach amenity to guide future use and management of Town Beach, balancing natural, cultural, economic and social values in a sustainable manner. The Plan was developed in consultation with key stakeholders and the broader community.

The Town Beach Coastline Management Plan was developed in three stages.

  1. Stage 1 was the preparation of a Coastline Hazard Definition Study that identifies and defines coastline hazards for Town Beach, such as beach erosion and shoreline recession. 
  2. Stage 2  was to identify the values that make Town Beach important in a local and regional sense, and the issues that need to be addressed to maintain those values. The development of management objectives and identification of management options to address these issues was established.
  3.  Stage 3, was the development of the Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP), to provide the strategic and practical guidance for future management of Town Beach.

An Emergency Management Plan (2006) has also been prepared in the event of a natural disaster or emergency at Town Beach. The Emergency Management Plan was approved by the Hastings Local Emergency Management Committee, which includes the Police, SES, Ambulance and Fire services. 

Town Beach coastline study area

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