Live and local


Live and Local is a comprehensive capacity-building program delivered across our area in late 2021 to early 2022. The program responded directly to the need to increase participation in Australia’s local live music scene, and provided a platform for delivering live music activity that was innovative, flexible and sustainable.

With thanks to the community working group, Live Music Office and Music NSW we were able to:

  • showcase 40 local artists at 18 FREE gigs
  • provide FREE professional development masterclasses in a range of handy topics
  • wrapped with an industry forum with loads of ideas to assist our ongoing support of the sector.

Check out the line up of amazing artists and professionals who took part below.

Forum feedback for future planning

Thanks to the local musicians, venues, businesses and stakeholders who took part in the industry forum on 15 March 2022.

Live Music Office facilitators guided discussion across a range of topics, including programming and marketing live music in venues, planning principles at the Local and State Government level. All attendees at the forum provided valuable feedback for precinct developments and evening economy activations to support live music activation.

We are now in the process of compiling this feedback into actions and concepts for our cultural strategies and plans, where appropriate.

External resources for local musicians

Support Act

We understand that during the past two years, times have been tough on the live music industry. If you find yourself struggling, please reach out to for support.

Currently on offer via Support Act are COVID-19 Crisis Relief grants, training in Mental Health First Aid and Ethical Bystanders, and more!

Local Music Census 2021

As part of the Live and Local PMQ program a census of local musicians(PDF, 192KB) and venues/businesses(PDF, 176KB) interested in supporting live music was secured. Please use these resources if you are an artist seeking local venues, or a local business seeking live music artists! Wish to be added to this census? Email