Interpretation Program Application

Council recognises and acknowledges the important social, historical and cultural significance of interpretation in telling the story of our place and us.

Currently across our region we have a diverse range of interpretation in the form of signage, memorials, plaques, panels and more. To date there has not been a central council business unit that has managed or assessed community requests for interpretation or recognition. This has resulted in a plethora of interpretation across the region in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, themes and content, in various states of repair and whose content may be aged or outdated.

The Interpretation Policy & Strategy will streamline application and assessment processes and allow for clear and consistent decision-making and impartiality on future interpretation in the region. 

If you would like to submit an application for consideration of implementation of Interpretation signage:

  1. Please review our Interpretation Policy and Strategy
  2. Please complete an Interpretation signage application form
  3. All proposed applications are required to address all criteria in Section 1 & 2
  4. Ensure you have sought and attached appropriate documentation to the application form

Submit an interpretive signage application

A review panel will assess all interpretation applications and accompanying documentation at regular Interpretation Review Panel meetings.