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Standing Up in a Time of Crisis

Released on: 31 May 2021

Released on: 31 May 2021

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On Tuesday 1 June, join us at The Glasshouse as we explore what it truly means to stand up in a time of crisis. 

With the help of some of our community leaders, we’re bringing people together for a live Q&A-style session, to reflect on what we’ve achieved in our recovery so far, and what the road ahead looks like as we near three months post the devastation of the March flood event.  

Facilitated by Stacey Morgan, the panel includes our CEO Dr Clare Allen, Mayor Peta Pinson, and three leaders who forged a path in their own communities when disaster struck; Olivia Tape of the Port Macquarie Mud Army, Jeanette McCoubrie of Local Flood Help Camden Haven, and Phillip Morton of Rollands Plains. 

Despite the overwhelming nature of an event so devastating and the short window of notice we all had to prepare, day after day we saw more and more people in our community standing up to help in a time of crisis.  

Be part of the audience as we bring these stories to the forefront, or tune in from anywhere as we livestream the event to our Facebook page. 

Our panellists will tell us about their experience, why they stood up, how they continue to help, the challenges they faced, and what we all can learn about preparing to stand up for the next crisis. This may set the tone for the evening, but we are leaving the night’s discussion open to your input. 

We invite you to join the conversation by submitting a question, or your very own story for our panel to discuss. Please submit your question via our registration link below before noon Tuesday June 1. There may be live questions on the night if time permits. 

Mayor Peta Pinson said that it is important for us to continue to come together and share our stories. 

“It is through the most difficult of times that our courage is revealed, and we see those clever individuals in our community rise to lead, innovate, and drive us to keep moving forwards.  

“We are lucky to have three of those community members join us for this event, to really gain a deeper understanding of what each of our communities has been through as their actions have set the tone for us to strive along a path for continued action and resilience 

“I’m excited to come together as a community, reflect on what we’ve been through, where we are, and what’s ahead and take learnings from our questions and stories, to make sure we are prepared for another crisis.” 

To be a part of the live studio audience, or to submit a question – visit

Standing Up in a Time of Crisis will be streamed live on Council’s Facebook Page and YouTube on Tuesday 1 June from 7pm –8pm.