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Three-Village Sewerage Scheme

Released on: 12 July 2021

Released on: 12 July 2021

We recently completed a major upgrade to the sewer management systems for the communities of Telegraph Point, Comboyne and Long Flat.

Sewage waste disposal in the 3 villages is currently managed by residents, through on-site septic systems. The new infrastructure provides a more efficient disposal method, transferring the wastewater away from their homes to treat it, and additionally protecting the environment and health of the local community with quality-controlled waste.

The upgrades included the construction of new sewerage treatment plants, including a gravity sewer at Long Flat and Comboyne, and a pressure sewer system installed at Telegraph Point. The pipe network and transfer system were also installed, so all homes are able to connect to the new network.

The three-village sewer scheme was a $29 million project funded by Council, with an almost $6 million dollar contribution from the NSW State Government under the Restart NSW Water Security for Regions program.

Dan Bylsma, Director of Infrastructure said that this was a major milestone project for council to complete.

“This is the second time our team have completed a project of this magnitude, and to see the direct community benefits is a big win for us.

“Previously there was little to no infrastructure in place to help manage sewerage in the three villages. Once majority of the properties are connected, we’ll see a major improvement to water quality, and significant health and environmental benefits as well. It’s a great outcome,” said Dan.

All homes are now ready to be connected to the new fully reticulated network.

For more information on the ‘Three-Village Sewer Scheme’, visit pmhc.nsw.gov.au/village-sewer-schemes