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Council committed to working with the community on coastal erosion solution

Released on: 09 February 2021

Released on: 09 February 2021

Coastal hazard studies undertaken between 2008 - 2012, confirmed that the coastline at Lake Cathie was retreating. Council has been working to find a solution to the potential coastal erosion issues in Lake Cathie for a number of years. The construction of a revetment wall is the preferred solution. 

Following extensive community consultation, between 2012-2013, seeking feedback on the preferred option to manage the coastal erosion threat, there was strong public support for the preferred option to build a revetment wall with sand nourishment.

This preferred solution was presented to the NSW Government, who requested a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) be prepared to analyse the viability of the project and a Funding Model to outline the distribution of costs to direct and indirect beneficiaries.

To discuss the findings of the CBA and the Funding Model, Council staff are now consulting with the property owners who would directly benefit from the construction of a revetment, in addition to the surrounding Lake Cathie community.

At the August 2020 Ordinary Council meeting it was resolved to undertake extensive community engagement on the coastal erosion management solution for Illaroo Road.

The revetment wall would provide protection to 41 properties over the next 50 years from the impacts of large storm events and coastal erosion due to sea level rise.

It has been designed to include linking footpaths, seating, lighting, beach access stairs, and a beach access ramp. It will also provide formalised parking spaces within Bundella Avenue, and the installation of new kerb and gutter along Illaroo Road.

At this stage, Council are only presenting the findings of the CBA and funding model, no decision has been made on how the wall will be funded.

This engagement will determine if the property owners directly benefitting from the construction of a revetment wall have the capacity or willingness to fund the revetment wall that will mitigate the coastal erosion issue. Council staff are committed to working with the property owners and the surrounding Lake Cathie community to find solutions together.

Council Director of Development and Environment, Mel Watkins said;

 "The protection of properties from coastal erosion at Lake Cathie, has been a project that we have been working on for an extended period of time with input from state government and relevant experts.  This phase of a proposed revetment wall project involves engagement with the potentially impacted property owners to assist in their understanding of the project and the potential impacts on them.  This engagement will assist Council in determining future actions to address this significant issue for the Lake Cathie community"