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Business will not be 'as usual' for many months

Released on: 28 April 2021

Released on: 28 April 2021

As the rubbish piles in local streets reduce and the mud is washed away, the work continues towards our flood recovery.

We have almost 300 major roads and bridges projects to fix as a result of the flood. These are new and additional projects we had not planned to undertake this year and are in addition to the usual maintenance projects we complete each year.

"The bridge work, culverts and major road reconstruction projects are all a result of the devastating impact the flood had on our infrastructure. It will take many months to rectify before we can get back to our business as usual work. Some projects could take up to two years to fix," said Dan Bylsma, Director Infrastructure.

We understand the community has high expectations of the work we do as part of our regular maintenance schedule which includes attending to customer requests and regular resealing and resurfacing of roads. 

Our focus is on helping people access their flood-affected properties safely, and making sure the roadway to those homes are as safe as possible.

In some cases we have put temporary bridges and road fixes in place until more permanent repairs and rebuilding work can be done. In some cases this also means we simply do not have the resources to keep up with the extra work demands. This means we will fall behind and need to reduce non-essential maintenance work.

We, together with teams from emergency services, Australian Defence Force and Disaster Relief Australia, along with other agencies have done, and continue to do, an amazing job of cleaning up.

While the visual devastation is reducing in our towns, there remain many people living without their road and bridge access as well as people who have not yet moved home for various reasons.

Our focus is on addressing the worst of these issues and we appreciate the patience of our community in understanding it will take a long period of time to get back to pre-flood normal.

Stoney Creek Bridge under repair.

Stoney Creek Bridge under repair.

Instability on Lorne Road

Lorne Road path undermined.

Rollands Plains

Road washed away from bridge at Rollands Plains.