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IRONMAN gives back to local volunteers

Released on: 10 July 2019

Released on: 10 July 2019

At a recent presentation, the Local Organising Committee (LOC) for IRONMAN Australia recognised and thanked 63 local community, school and sporting groups for their support during the 2019 IRONMAN festival.

A total of $64,000 was donated to the local groups, that is made up of more than 2,200 volunteers who came together and assisted in making this year’s IRONMAN spectacular run smoothly and efficiently.

The funds will be used by these community groups for a wide variety of purposes, from purchasing much needed equipment, to supporting local sporting teams to compete out of region.

The groups played an important role in IRONMAN including manning aid stations, supplying water to athletes, sorting waste and assisting in athlete registration.

Council Group Manager Liesa Davies said that IRONMAN is one of the highlights on our community’s event calendar, and each year it injects more than $10millionto our local economy.

“IRONMAN in Port Macquarie would simply not be possible without the help of our local volunteers. They help create such a friendly and vibrant atmosphere, which contributes enormously to Port Macquarie being referred to as the home of IRONMAN racing in Australia,” said Ms Davies.

“We cannot thank our volunteers enough. They may not be swimming, cycling and running on race day, but they are the key ingredients in many an IRONMAN success story.”

IRONMAN LOC President Michael Reid also praised local volunteers for their support.

“Some of these groups have been with us since the first year IRONMAN came to our region, and the Local Organising Committee and all IRONMAN staff give hearty thanks to the many volunteers that made the 2019 event, possibly the best one yet in Port Macquarie,” said Mr Reid.

“We look forward to working with all of these groups for IRONMAN 2020 which will mark 35 years of competition, and the 15th year of IRONMAN in Port Macquarie.”

Since IRONMAN Port Macquarie commenced, the LOC has provided more than $600,000 in community group donations.

For more information or to get involved as an IRONMAN volunteer in 2020 visit https://bit.ly/2NHUUKZ