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Skate Parks

Wauchope skate park

There are five skate parks located within the Camden Haven, Port Macquarie and Wauchope.

Port Macquarie Skate Park 

Port Macquarie Skate Park is located within Town Beach Reserve, situated adjacent to the entrance of the Hastings River (break wall). The skate park caters for all user groups including skaters, bikes, scooters and roller blades. It consists of sick bowl with metal coping and plaza style street area with mini-half pipe, fun boxes, quarter pipe and manual/grind boxes. Something for everyone from beginners to elite.

The construction project for the skate park involved the formation of the Town Beach Skate Park Committee which included members from the skate boarding and biking community, along with Council staff.

Wauchope Skate Park

This Skate Park consists of a Mini ramp that hips into street skating area with street elements including Banks, Quarters, A-framed fun box, rails, manual pad & jersey barrier.

Kendall Skate Park

Kendall Skate Park is located adjacent to Kendall Swimming Pool, Graham Street, Kendall. It is a concrete skate park with mini half pipe, transition one side with metal coping, bank on the other and a manual/grind box to the side of the half pipe. It is a good park for beginners and intermediates.  

Laurieton Skate Park

Laurieton Skate Park is located adjacent to Vince Inmon fields, Castle Street Laurieton. It is a concrete skate park with mellow transitioned banked roll in, fun box, quarter pipe with metal coping, manual/grind box and rail. It is a good park for beginners and intermediates.

Bonny Hills Skate Park

Bonny Hills Skate Park is located adjacent to Community Hall Reserve, Ocean Drive, Bonny Hills. It is a concrete skate park, where the first stage has a high banked roll into quarter pipe with metal coping connected, step bank and manual/grind box, curved transition bank to mini half pipe metal coping on one side that connects to the bowl with no coping.

The second stage connects with first stage and consists of mellow transitioned quarter that provides hip to first stage, quarter to massive fun box with wedged transition and metal coping providing another hip, curved mellow transition with metal coping connecting to high banked roll in and large fun box. It is a good park for riders of all levels.

This page was last updated on: 31 July 2019