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Sanctuary Springs Special Levy

The purpose of this information page is to provide details to residents regarding the Sanctuary Springs Special Rate.  The Sanctuary Springs Special Rate is used for landscaping maintenance, the cost of this is to be shared amongst the total number of residential allotments in the Sanctuary Springs Estate.


The Sanctuary Springs Special Rate was established at the time the development was created in response to the developer’s desire for a higher level of maintenance for pocket parks within the Estate, above Council’s development standard.

As part of the Development Approval for the Sanctuary Springs residential subdivision the developer, J Newton Construction Pty Limited, was required to put in place a Landscaping Maintenance/Management Plan.

The Landscaping Management Plan was retained by J Newton Construction Pty Limited for the duration of the construction of the development and upon the satisfactory completion of the landscaping works a detailed landscaping plan and maintenance programme was established.  The Landscaping Plan was then handed to Port Macquarie-Hastings Council to continue with this programme.

In order for these costs to be met it was considered equitable that a special rate be introduced and applied to the benefiting owners within the Sanctuary Springs area.

How is the Sanctuary Springs Special Rate calculated?

The Sanctuary Springs Special Rate has been levied since the commencement of the subdivision during the 2003/2004 Rating Period.

The amount of the rate is determined by multiplying the individual land value of each property by the rate in the dollar adopted by Council as part of the Revenue Policy contained within the Annual Management Plan.

Details of the amount that has been calculated and levied are included on the Annual Rate Notice that is forwarded to each ratepayer at the commencement of each rating year.

How long will the Sanctuary Springs Special Rate be levied for?

The cost associated with the landscape maintenance of the Sanctuary Springs Subdivision will be ongoing so the special rate will be levied on affected properties for an indefinite basis.

Can the funds be used for any other projects other than the Landscaping Maintenance?

No.  Section 408(3)(a) of the Local Government Act provides that “money that has been received as a result of the levying of a special rate or charge may not be used otherwise than for the purpose for which the rate or charge was levied”.

Council is required to act in accordance with this legislation so it is confirmed that revenue collected through the levying of the rate will be expended on the stipulated purpose.

Landscape Management Plan

Works carried out in this Estate are as per the Landscape Management Plan. This Plan includes activities like mowing, pruning, weed removal and treatment, removing litter from gardens, and fertilising. Any individual requests for more grounds maintenance in addition to the Management Plan may incur additional charges.

Does the Landscape Management Plan include maintenance of the open drainage canal?

No. The Landscape Management Plan includes the reserve area adjacent to the open drain canal, it does not include the canal.  The terms of the special rate mean that funding cannot be utilised for the maintenance of the open drain or other stormwater assets within the estate. Maintenance of these stormwater assets is planned, and scheduled by Council’s Infrastructure Division. The need for maintenance is determined based on a periodic assessment of the asset condition and any identified risks associated with flooding, environmental and / or property damage. Works are then prioritised and scheduled based on funding availability and the priority of other currently known stormwater maintenance needs. Should you have any concerns regarding the condition of the stormwater assets in the estate, please contact Council’s Customer Service team on 6581 8111.

Need more information?

If you require more specific information about the Sanctuary Springs Special Rate please contact Council on 6581 8111.

This page was last updated on: 14 July 2021