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Sportsfield Keys

Keys access is provided to seasonal users for facilities which is  location specific and as per your booking allocation.  This may include but not limited to canteen, changerooms and toilets.

Application for Sports Field Facility Keys

    Please use Google Chrome as your preferred browser to enter this form
    Clubs will be allocated a maximum of 2 sets of facility keys. Any additional keys over and above 2 sets will be charged to the sporting organisation at $X per set.
    I/we understand that the keys are not to be copied, cut or given to another person not approved by your organisation. Please note: The sporting group will be held responsible for the financial cost of replacement of lost keys and/or re-keying the facilities to which these keys operate.
    All keys are required to be returned to Council no later than 1 week after the end of seasonal allocation

    This page was last updated on: 01 May 2020