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Application for Sports Field Use

All applications for the use of sports fields and associated facilities are to be submitted a minimum of 14 days prior to the required dates of use.  As per the Customer Experience Charter, this allows Council enough time to evaluate the request and provide an acknowledgement or complete response where possible within 10 working days.

Complete the relevant Application Form to use one of the Port Macquarie Hastings sports fields in either Port Macquarie or Wauchope.

Note: Some of Council’s sports fields are managed by elected committees and application for use should be made directly to the relevant committee:

Before submitting your application, make sure you:

  • read the Conditions of Use - Council Controlled Sporting Facilities and agree to abide by them.
  • provide a current copy of your Certificate of Currency for public liability insurances.
  • advise Council of all usage and facility requirements including public toilets, canteen, change rooms and sports field lighting. If you need lighting you will need to complete the Electrical Specifications form. 
  • know what field you are wanting to book.

 Conditions of Use for all Sports Fields/Facilities

By submitting an application form, it is a condition that the relevant committee members and representatives from the club/organisation have obtained and read a copy of the Conditions of Use - Council Controlled Sporting Facilities  and accept the terms and conditions. In doing so, you acknowledge Council's decision on the use of the facility is final.

Application form

Note this application is a request only and does not guarantee the dates and times requested are available.  An application confirmation via email will be provided once processed.

Application for Sports Field Use

    I/we have read and accepted the terms of use and responsibilities associated * (Required)

    Note: Sporting fields are for the use of not for profit sporting organisations/clubs or commercial activities. Commercial activities will incur a fee. Where the land is zoned crown land, commercial proprietors may apply for a commercial licence with Council. Field allocations are subject to availability and approval.
    Seasonal: a long-term allocation of a sports field to a recognised incorporated club for the primary purpose of conducting sports training and competition within the designated dates specified. Requests outside of the specified dates will be accepted as pre-season or casual applications only. (Certificate of Currency to be provided with application)
    SUMMER SEASON – 1 October to 31 March
    WINTER SEASON – 1 April to 30 September
    Pre-Season: a short-term allocation of a sports field not currently in use for other seasonal sport activities or maintenance to a recognised incorporated club for the primary purpose of conducting pre-season sports training, games or grading. No designated pre-season period exists, however, Council will endeavour to allocate available facilities for a 2 week period prior to the start of a sports season only. (Certificate of Currency to be provided with application)
    Casual: refers to a one-off booking of a sports field by a recognised organisation for the primary purpose of conducting training, playing sport, or any other recreational activity (Certificate of Currency to be provided with application)
    Select type of use * (Required)

    Are you charging participants? * (Required)

    Please advise if you require the following * (Required)
    Public toilets
    Internal changerooms
    Sportsfield lights (see sportsfield lighting form)
    Access keys
    Are you charging spectators? * (Required)

    Club Organisation has read the Conditions of Use - Council Controlled Sporting Facilities and agrees to abide by them * (Required)

    Certificate of Currency previously supplied * (Required)



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