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Lawn Cemetery

We are responsible for the management of 11 cemeteries located within our local government area. 



Each of our cemeteries has its own unique style and setting, all with general burial sections and some with denominational.

Gravesites may be marked with a headstone or plaque. All headstone work must be performed by a registered monumason.

Columbarium or Niche Walls

Columbarium walls (also known as Niche Walls) are for the placement of ashes into a wall setting. Ashes are placed into the niche receptacle and a memorial plaque is placed securely over the niche. 

Wall Niche sites are available for ash placement at Wauchope, Laurieton, Comboyne and Kendall cemeteries.

Ash placement

Ash may also be placed in a gravesite and some people choose to place more than one set of ashes into a site. 

For any inquiry about purchasing a site, or simply to discuss what options might be available to you, please contact our Cemeteries Team to discuss your options.

Current fees for our cemeteries

Please refer to   2020-2021 Council's Fees & Charges4MB pdf(PDF, 4MB) for the full list of charges in this financial year.

The following cemeteries are open for new burials:

Cemetery Name Location Map Cemetery Index
Comboyne Cemetery  Map223KB pdf(PDF, 223KB) Index
Kendall Cemetery  Map164KB pdf(PDF, 164KB) Index
Laurieton Cemetery  Map317KB pdf(PDF, 317KB) Index
Rollands Plains Cemetery  Map106KB pdf(PDF, 106KB) Index
Wauchope Cemetery  Map248KB pdf(PDF, 248KB) Index
Innes Gardens Memorial Park  Map388KB pdf(PDF, 388KB) Index

The following cemeteries are closed for burials except where a prior reservation has been made.

Cemetery Name Location Map Cemetery Index
Beechwood Cemetery  Map140KB pdf(PDF, 140KB) Index
Crossroads Cemetery  Map116KB pdf(PDF, 116KB) Index
Ellenborough Cemetery  Map131KB pdf(PDF, 131KB) Index
Herons Creek Cemetery  Map148KB pdf(PDF, 148KB) Index
Telegraph Point Cemetery  Map178KB pdf(PDF, 178KB) Index
Port Macquarie Cemetery  Map221KB pdf(PDF, 221KB) Index

Memorial seats at parks or reserves - For more information click here

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