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Accessible Playgrounds

Outdoor - Bain Park

There are 2 accessible playgrounds within our local government area that aim to provide children of all ages and abilities a play space that promotes social interaction.

These play spaces reduce the barriers experienced by people with special needs. These accessible playgrounds are located:

  • Bain Park, Wauchope
  • Westport park, Port Macquarie

Livvi's Place, Westport Park, Port Macquarie

The ‘Livvi’s Place’ all-abilities playground incorporates a carousel, water play area, tree house, nature play and new swings with the intent to provide visual, audio and tactile stimulation and interaction  for children of all abilities and is designed to cater for wheelchair access and use by people with a vision impairment. 

The playground was developed and built in partnership with the State Government and the Touched by Olivia Foundation with additional support from commercial partners including the Newcastle Permanent Foundation.

Below: A diagram of Livvi's Place playground at Westport Park. 


This page was last updated on: 23 May 2017