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PMHChallenge Winners

Our pmhChallenge generated a lot of interest and we received an overwhelming amount of entries into the competition.  We truly are blessed with great local talent in our region and are very impressed with what we received.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the competition and a big thank you to everyone that entered.

Here are the winners, runner ups and the top entries for our youth week competition that are worthy of your attention. 


Artwork  Poetry - it was a tie!  Song  Mobile App
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 Click to read poem 1.42KB pdf(PDF, 42KB)

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 View the concept here.251KB pdf(PDF, 251KB)
My submission is a recycled surfboard/skateboard deck chair made from recycled materials including wood pallets, surfboard and skateboards. My creation was built from my love of surfing and skateboarding I didn’t want to just throw out my broken boards so I got a little creative and now I have a recycled creation.

Poem 1 - Who are you?

M poem is in the point of view of someone suffering from dementia, with a strong and impactful message that allows people with dementia or people who know someone with dementia to speak up about how they are feeling. 

Poem 2 - Woman 

The ripple effect of one woman speaking up about their experiences of sexism encourages others to do the same, and I hope that my poem will empower other women and girls to become involved in the feminist movement, and be able to move forward without fear of ridicule or judgement. 


"Speak Up" 

I wrote this song inspired by the idea of what it means to be connected as youth and to stand up together to create the change that we wish for but rarely vocalise. I think it is important for youth to realise that we can stand together to make these changes like the lyrics in my song "there is power in youth. 

Charity of choice: Head Space, Port Macquarie

This entire app is about giving the Hastings Youth a platform to share their voice.  The app allows the sharing of ideas, opinions and answers, in a safe non-threatening, judgement free zone. It includes youth events and allows connections to be formed outside of school barriers in a safe and controlled environment. The app will also help and support youth to improve their confidence, self esteem and social skills. 


Artwork  Poetry   Song  Mobile App
Youth Week Challenge poster 
Youth Week Challenge poster 
Youth Week Challenge poster 
Youth Week Challenge poster 
 Click to view artwork. Click to read the poem.    Listen here.  View the concept here.5MB pdf(PDF, 5MB)

My artwork is made of reclaimed pallet wood and coated with a beach/ocean themed epoxy resin scene. I created clay rocks, added sand below the ocean and paint above to create a sky. In the sky is a wood burned plane that tows a banner reading “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. This eludes to the theme speak up, be involved, get connected, have fun because it highlights the importance of group participation.

My poem 'choice' is a reflection of physical connection during the time of crisis. Personal to me, many family members of mine have compromised immune systems meaning I cannot risk close physical proximity to friends. However being true to Youth Weeks theme it allows me to think out of the box to maintain emotional connections and be creative doing so.

This is my song “Stuck on you”. 

The theme of the song is about achieving a desired goal that you want more than anything. It talks about dedication and hard work and how someone can get there if they try hard enough. The song was performed at Pluto Entertainment, Taree and live streamed Sunday, 17th of May. 

'Social Circles' app gives youth a place to connect + find new friends, share ideas + thoughts, messages + pictures, and also lets them discover more about the youth services in our community.

This app has a unique quality, where youth have the opportunity to find friends who are in the same age group, have the same interests/hobbies and other personality traits - in a safe environment.


Artwork  Artwork  Artwork  Artwork
Youth Week Challenge poster
Youth Week Challenge poster
Youth Week Challenge poster
Youth Week Challenge poster
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Click to view the artwork.

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Growing is like a flower. Show what you can do as a flower shows you its beauty.  Anyone has the power to speak up and make and change so stand up, speak up and shower your power to the world like a beautiful flower shows you her beauty.

The artwork I have created is a wall hanging collage. The photo is one that my dad took a couple of years ago of the breakwall. I chose this photo as it is iconic to Port Macquarie as it stars the Breakwall. I have used recycled glass over the water and fluff from an old pillow on the clouds. I added the glass and fluff to add dimension and texture to the photo. Around the outside of the collage I wrote the words SPEAK UP, BE INVOLVED, GET CONNECTED. I have used different eye catching fonts with colour to contrast with the collage.

My painting Helpless is painted on an old canvas that I found lying around the house that has been sitting in my garage. The paint that I used are miss-tints and paints that are in damaged cans from my Dads work that would usually just get thrown away but instead I use them to make pieces like this.

It is a crime not to put your rubbish in the bin. My art work is about pollution and what is found in the environment.



Song Song Song
Youth Week Challenge poster
Youth Week Challenge poster
Youth Week Challenge poster
Listen here.

"I got you and you got me."

"Summer Nights"

I wrote this song with my friends on my mind. The first verse is just letting them know that they can tell me anything and that their hearts are gold and they are stars. The chorus is just about how we spend our summer together having fun and being young. The second verse goes into a bit more depth about what we do during summer and how life can be tragic but we have each other and we are connected. The outro is basically just saying, forget about the hate let’s enjoy our summer together and let’s just laugh as much as we can. I really hope you enjoyed the song and it actually means a lot to me! 

"Speaking Up".

My song and poem are all about speaking up. It’s about the journey of a young person who is having trouble speaking up about getting bullied or just feeling low in general.


Mobile App  Mobile App  Mobile App
Youth Week Challenge poster
Youth Week Challenge poster
Youth Week Challenge poster

 View the concept here7MB pdf(PDF, 7MB) .

 View the concept here.141KB pdf(PDF, 141KB)   View the concept here.463KB pdf(PDF, 463KB)

The Green Tasks app helps Port Macquarie Hastings speak about the impact of our choices affecting the environment; encourages any age group to tackle an environment challenge with friends. Use the share button feature when you complete a task to connect with your social media pages! By completing a task, you will immediately recognise the satisfaction and enjoyment that comes with making our region green! Green tasks puts your ideas about the environment to action and helps you share your ideas with the community of Port Macquarie Hastings.

This app design involves many features such as sign in access, gifs, bright colours, drop down tabs and more.  It includes a chat like feature where you can safely share your opinions or ideas and you can find out all about the ways you can get involved in your community.  You can safely talk to family and friends and play online games.

This app concept is aimed at young people aged 12-25 and my idea was to create something that would allow them to be more connected to other young people in our community. Young people are all so different so I have tried to include different ideas that might appeal to different people so it also gives young people the option of having a say and becoming more involved in their local area if they wish, but most importantly it is about having some fun!


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