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'YOU'th Events Grants 2019

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As part of Port Macquarie-Hastings Council’s ongoing commitment to our youth community and to allow us to continue to build capacity and provide new opportunities for young people, we are providing event organisers with the opportunity to apply for grant funding of between $500 and $1000 to assist with presenting a youth-focused event or activity during NSW Youth Week 2019 (10th-18th April) or in the coming year.

How does the ‘YOU’th Event Grants idea work?

Anyone with an idea for a youth event/activity can apply to receive funding to assist with turning their idea into a project or to receive funding to help with an existing project. All projects must be youth-focused, inclusive and drug and alcohol free.

If selected, applicants must commit to providing sufficient financial and project resources to implement the project within twelve months from date of approval.

Applicants will need to show evidence of how young people were involved and engaged in planning, presenting and attending the event/activities.

How do I apply?

The ‘YOU’th Event Grants application form is now closed. Funding opportunities may be available in the future and will be promoted on Council's website and Facebook page.

When can I apply?

The closing date for grant applications was 1 April 2019.

Who does the project?

You... It is your project and your responsibility, therefore it must be you who plans, activates and manages the project. However Council is here to provide advice and support and we will work with you to promote your event/activities.

Council representatives will not deliver the project for you but instead will provide guidance and assistance with the knowledge, skills and tools required to do so.

This includes if required, providing guidance with the following:

  • Gaining permission to use Council spaces (fees may apply)
  • Permits (fees may apply)
  • Road Closures & temporary parking controls (fees may apply)
  • Marketing
  • Public and stakeholder engagement

And many more areas, depending on what your project requires.

Can I collaborate with an existing business and/or community group on my project?

Yes, we encourage collaborations.


Port Macquarie-Hastings Council seeks to build capacity in our youth community, to activate and create a more vibrant, inclusive place for the young people of our region. The ‘YOU’th Event Grants grant is a mechanism to help individuals and community groups with a youth focus to quickly implement ideas and trial and test activation ideas, monitor conditions, and use the results to look at longer term outcomes. Funded projects will allow our young people and wider community to experience an event/activity while also offering a quick and inexpensive opportunity for testing new ideas.


  • Projects are to take place in the Port Macquarie-Hastings Local Government Area within twelve (12) months of funding.
  • Projects must be youth-focused and inclusive. Projects must be drug and alcohol free.
  • Projects must consider the safety and wellbeing of young people.
  • A Risk Assessment is required for each project.
  • A copy of your Certificate of Currency (Insurance) must be provided with your application.
  • Event organisers will have the opportunity to request assistance from a Council Community Participation team member.
  • Projects may be musical, artistic, recreational or leisure-based.
  • Applicants must commit to providing sufficient financial and human resources to implement the project if selected. Any additional funding, costs and resourcing not covered by the ‘YOU’th Event Grants is to be funded by the applicant or supported through partnership with other organisations.
  • The applicant will coordinate the project and encourage business and community partnerships.
  • The project will be safe and low-risk.
  • The project will include no permanent capital works.
  • The project is to be temporary and able to be quickly and easily removed within 24 hours. The timeframe of the project to be in place will be assessed on a project-by-project basis by the selection committee.
  • There will be no corporate advertising.
  • The project site selected must be  accessible and disability-friendly.
  • The project will be free for the public to attend and of benefit to the community.
  • The project must not require Development Application approval.

PMHC ‘YOU’th Event Grants Project Selection:

  • Priority will be given to projects that show evidence of being inclusive and provide new opportunities for young people.
  • The PMHC Community Participation Team will select the most viable nominations.
  • All decisions concerning allocation of funding is at the discretion of the PMHC Participation team.
  • You must submit one application per idea. You will be advised in writing if your application is either successful, is shortlisted and requires further information to be submitted, or is unsuccessful.
  • Grants are between $500-$1000
  • Closing date 1st April 2019


This page was last updated on: 03 April 2019