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Neighbourhoods and Neighbourhood Champions

PMH Cares is about connection, support, community. It is community led and driven, with the support of Port Macquarie-Hastings Council.

Consisting of small and local groups of 'neighbourhoods', PMH Cares will connect those who are keen to offer support to those in their neighbourhood, with those who may need some help or support, this will be coordinated by a Neighbourhood Champion.

You can Register to participate in a PMH Cares network by completing our online form.


Register with PMH Cares

What is a neighbourhood?

Neighbourhoods may be set up street-by-street, or in the case of our smaller rural and hinterland communities, it may be at the village level, and will be overseen by a Neighbourhood Champion.

Each local neighbourhood may consist of up to 50 households. So chances are you may already know some of the people in your network. Groups that are already in place will have their own coverage and size, coordinated by their Neighbourhood Champion. 

Members of the neighbourhood may be people who need help, those who can provide help - or even both!

What is the role of a Neighbourhood Champion?

Everyone can be part of PMH Cares as an active or passive participant. It's all about being connected within your neighbourhood, neighbours helping neighbours.

People in the network may receive help or provide help - at a direct level, or as a Neighbourhood Champion.

The Neighbourhood Champion will:

  • oversee and have a leadership role in your neighbourhood, 
  • manage and share communications with your neighbourhood,
  • connect and coordinate neighbours or helpers to those who require support, and
  • liaise with Council's Community Inclusion Team for support and resources as required.

Neighbourhood Champions will be provided support in the form of:

  • training and guidance,
  • access to online tools and resources,
  • useful information and ideas about staying connected, and
  • access to additional support networks as needed. 

Support Neighbourhoods - by needs

Support Neighbourhoods for people with similar needs can also be set up for example there could be a neighbour for international students, people with disabilities, LGBTI people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, or people with carer responsibilities.

It is possible to join more than one network. This may be dependent on interest.

More information

To find out more about PMH Cares, or to discuss how else you may be able to get involved in the network, contact Council's Community Inclusion Team Leader on:

This page was last updated on: 10 June 2020