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Event Sponsorship Program

Event Sponsorship Program Update

Applications for the next round of Council’s Event Sponsorship Program (for events held in the second half of 2020) open on Monday, 16 December 2019 and close on Sunday, 9 February 2020. 

You can email laura.harvey@pmhc.nsw.gov.au or call Laura (or Kelly Mapleston) on 02 6581 8588 if you have any questions.

About the Program

Are you planning a major event in our region?

The PMHC Event Sponsorship Program aims to support event organisers to develop, promote, execute and sustain locally grown long-term major events.

 Major events are an important and growing part of our local economy, and add to the vibrancy of our region. Council's Event Sponsorship Program has been set up to provide grant funding of $5,000 for events that attract (or have the potential to attract) a significant number of visitors to our region. Past events that have received funding under this program include the Port Macquarie Running Festival, Blues & BBQ Festival, and Slice of Haven.

 What do we mean by 'a significant number of visitors'?

It refers to the number of visitors from outside our region who come here for the event, and spend money in our region on accommodation, food, transport, retail, attractions and services.  By way of example, events that have received full sponsorship in the past generally attract at least 400+ visitors from outside of the region.  However, if you have a smaller event that you feel will grow rapidly, we'd be happy to discuss options with you.

If you’re planning a smaller, community-based event, you may wish to review whether you would be eligible to apply for support under Council’s Community Grants Program.

 What can the sponsorship funds be used for?

Funds received under this program are to be allocated towards event marketing activities which attract visitors to our region (as well as your event). This could include activities such as website development, social media strategy and promotions, advertising and consulting. So, whether you have a promising new or established event, a $5,000 marketing grant should provide a serious boost to your event’s viability and long term success!

Interested in applying?

Please read the Event Sponsorship Program Guide (see below), which provides the eligibility and assessment criteria, as well as instructions for how to apply online. If you have any further questions and/or would like to discuss your event idea before you apply, please email Laura Harvey, Events Project Officer, Economic Development: laura.harvey@pmhc.nsw.gov.au.

How to Apply

To apply for event sponsorship from Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, you’ll need to complete the Event Sponsorship Application online via pmhc.smartygrants.com.au.  Forms will only be accessible during the round opening dates.

A preview of the form is available online, and you can commence your application, save it, and come back to it later if/when you’re ready. You can continue to make changes right up to when you submit your application. If you change your mind and decide against applying, simply exit the program. 

Please note you’ll need to attach both your Event Budget and Marketing Plan to the application (Word or Excel format, via upload buttons provided), so it’s a good idea to have these prepared prior to commencing your Sponsorship application. You are welcome to use our sample templates as a guide (see related links to the right or below if viewing this page on a mobile device).

This page was last updated on: 15 January 2020