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North Shore Community Plan

In late 2018, members of the North Shore community came together in a series of Community Think Tank workshops to:

  • Tell us what they like about their community;
  • Draft a vision for the community;
  • Identify key themes for their community and
  • Identify actions that they would like to see delivered in the next 3-5 years.

A Community-Council Action Team (C-CAT) for the local community has been established and will work together to draft a Community Plan for the area. This Plan will then go out to the community for further input and feedback before being endorsed by Council.

There is still time to be a part of this Action Team. If you would like to shape the future direction of your community, find out more and complete a nomination form.


Vision for the North Shore

“The North Shore is a sustainable and well-connected community that values its natural environment, tranquil lifestyle and rural/coastal character”.


Key Themes

  • Well-connected
  • Natural Environment
  • Recreation and Sustainability
  • Rural / Coastal Character 

Priorities of the North Shore Community-Council Action Team

Over the past 3 months, representatives from the local North Shore community have come together with Council to establish a Community-Council Action Team (C-CAT) who are developing a Community Plan and Action Plan for the area. The C-CAT has identified the following as the key priority for the community:

  • Erection of a toilet block at Coal Wharf Reserve
  • Extension of hours for the Hibbard Ferry from 6 am to 8 pm
  • Erection of a boat ramp and explore options of a floating jetty

 Actions for the North Shore in Council’s Draft 2019/20 Operational Plan

  • $1,900,000 Expenditure on operations and maintenance of two ferry services  
  • Implement mitigation actions from Hastings River Flood Plain Risk Management Plan- develop a specific Flood Study
  • Settlement Point Ferry and Hibbard Ferry – upgrade to ferry access and the installation of extra signage
  • Ferry Management – Slipping Settlement Point Ferry   

Construction of footpaths in the Local Government Area: $1,000,000 allocated budget:

  • Pathways at Hibbard Ferry to be included in Footpath Program

This page was last updated on: 03 May 2019