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Bonny Hills

 At the September 2018 Council meeting, Councillors endorsed a draft Community Plan for the Bonny Hills area. This followed a series of workshops and engagement events with the local community over the previous 12 months.

The Plan is a community-led blueprint which reflects the aspirations, strengths and what is special or unique about the area; the character, lifestyle, urban amenity, social image, economy and environment, and the vision that the community has for its future.

Each Community Plan is accompanied by an ongoing Action Plan which identifies key priorities and actions to achieve the community’s vision - the responsibility for which will be shared between the community and Council. Ongoing community planning is a key process in developing a strong partnership between Council and the community and will enable Council to:

  • Understand the issues and priorities for each community;
  • Understand what our communities value;
  • Assess these priorities in relationship to Council’s operational plan development;
  • and
  • Encourage community-led place development. 

A Community-Council Action Team (C-CAT) for the local community has been established who will work together to finalise the Community Plan and associated Actions for the area. There is still time to be a part of this part of this Action Team. If you would like to shape the future direction of your community, find out more and complete a nomination form.

Vision for Bonny Hills

“[Bonny Hills is a village that seeks to] conserve our surrounding natural environment and wildlife, maintain our village character, promote safe roads, ensure clean water and sustain our community’s quality of lifestyle by ensuring well-planned and environmentally sensitive development”

Key Themes

  • Maintain and enhance village character
  • Ensure safe access to services & amenities
  • Manage future growth & development
  • Maintain the natural environment

Actions for Bonny Hills in Council’s Draft 2019/20 Operational Plan

  • Undertake regional master planning for recreational facilities – Bonny Hills Master Plan
  • Rainbow Beach Sports Fields Acquisition of Land, Preconstruction Works, District Facilities – allocated budget $6,162,572
  • North Haven Beach Reserve – Pedestrian Facility (Upgrade of North Haven to Bonny Hills walkway) - allocated budget 2019-20 $104,000
  • Stormwater Remediation Panorama Drive Bonny Hills – Detailed Designs of remedial options - allocated budget $95,000
  • Investigate the capacity of land at the intersection of Ocean Drive with Houston Mitchell Drive for light industrial use and at the intersection of Ocean Drive with Bonny View Drive for ligh industrial development or for use as a school

Footpath Connections Prioritised by C-CAT

  • Section from McGilvray Rd to the Hotel along Ocean Drive (repair of approximately 6m of broken concrete sections)
  • Footpath at Eastern side of Bridge over Saltwater Creek
  • Connection from existing concrete paths along Western side of Ocean Drive between Beach Walk Estate and McGilvray Road
  • Path from Reflections Holiday Park down to gravel road to Spooney’s Bay
  • Section joining paver path on Eastern side of Ingenia Holidays with Beach St at the bridge


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