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Faces of the Hastings

Have you seen these faces?

We pass some of these faces every day and they often go unnoticed. Yet here on this wall they cannot go unnoticed. Think beyond the faces, think beyond the facades, because these are constantly changing. Remember that individually we have a story but also collectively we have a story.

To see a project like this one, you would ordinarily need to go to an art gallery. Instead, this project seeks to bring art to the people - to make it accessible and to make it unmissable. Art is a powerful tool that helps us to understand and make sense of the world around us.

What does community mean to you?

#FacesOfTheHastings embraces a contemporary reflection of who we are as a community today.  Everyday people, everyday lives and everyday stories.

Captured by local photographer Ronnie Grammatica, the exhibition showcases the diversity our community, providing a small window and cross-section into who we are, where we have come from and what community means to us. 

As we approach the 2018 Bicentenary, marking the 200th year since the journey of explorer John Oxley into the Hastings, we are able to reflect and acknowledge our history, learn from our past and look to our future.

Our community and how we work together shapes the place of where we live and who we are as people today.

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council is proud to present this exhibition across the Port Macquarie-Hastings region as part of ArtWalk and the 2018 Bicentenary program of events. 

#FacesOfTheHastings is currently on display on William Street, Food For Less Building in Port Macquarie.  Keep a look out for exhibitions “popping up” in Wauchope and Laurieton throughout the year.


Help us to capture our community by taking a black and white portrait photograph on your mobile and tagging #facesofthehastings

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Ronnie Grammatica

Photographer, Storyteller

Ronnie was born in Milan, Italy in 1979.

His interest in art began in the streets of Milan as a rebellious teenager as he followed the growing graffiti and street art movement during the ‘90’s.

Experimenting with an Olympus µ[mju:]-II camera, he would roam the city, capturing the action and the artworks. Whilst his intrigue with photography bubbled away, he continued to study towards a university degree in nutrition. It wasn’t until graduation that he decided to take a chance, leaving Italy for Mexico with camera in hand.

Ronnie is passionate about photography as an art. He undertook his formal studies of photography in Italy, including at Bauer which is the oldest photography institute in Italy. Having a keen interest in the history of photography, his work is heavily influenced by who he sees as the masters of photography throughout the ages.

Last year, Ronnie won the major prize in the Pix from the Stix competition and was listed as a finalist in the Still Life National Award.

Ronnie first experienced our local community eight years ago, visiting the region with his partner who grew up in the area. Four years ago they decided to call the mid north coast of Australia home. This experience has given Ronnie a unique perspective, experiencing our local community initially through fresh eyes as an outsider, and now from within as he has grown to become part of our community.

This page was last updated on: 28 February 2018