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What is ArtWalk?

ArtWalk is a multi-venue cultural event that opens our local art galleries and museums and brings art out of the gallery and onto the streets at night!

Digitally projected artworks will guide the public through a tour to our top arts and cultural locations throughout the Port Macquarie CBD.  Over the evening the public will have the opportunity to explore our local collections and discover local artists exhibiting in unconventional spaces. Live art work, music & entertainment in pop-up spaces and businesses around the CBD will provide our local artists with an opportunity to exhibit their artworks. 

ArtWalk is a free family friendly community event that encourages the general public to explore, experience and participate in our local arts and cultural aspects in the centre of Port Macquarie.  ArtWalk logos and a map will lead the public to participating venues and spaces, encouraging our community to experience our night time economy. ArtWalk maps will be available closer to the date.

When will this be happening?

ArtWalk will take place again in July 2019, what is sure to be a beautiful evening in Autumn! We are looking forward to bringing the event back bigger and better.

What will be happening?

During the evening our local art galleries and museums and creative industries open their doors to the public and spill out onto the streets.  An exhibition of digital artworks is projected onto walls across the CBD, as well as live art demonstrations and live music.  Artists' works is on display in galleries, businesses, and through live arts displays. Some live music will be occurring at small locations.

What will it cost me?

It is free to participate.

Where do I start?

You can start anywhere on the map that is produced for the festival.  The map will guide you to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the participating venues and will be available leading up to the event.

Where will this be happening?

The festival is held in the Port Macquarie CBD.  The area selected for this program includes: Horton Street (North of  Clarence), Clarence Street - (between Horton & Murray Streets), Murray Street (North of Clarence), Sunset Parade & Hay Street North. 

 I am interested in being a part of ArtWalk.  How can I register my interest for Artwalk 2019?

 You can register your interest to participate in the ArtWalk program by subscribing to our email list below: 

This page was last updated on: 13 March 2019