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Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK)

MLAK Disability Access Key

The Master Locksmith Access Key will unlock all wheelchair accessible toilets across Australia that are fitted with the MLAK system. The MLAK system has been fitted to some elevators at railway stations, some accessible toilets in Council municipalities and National Parks and in adaptive playground equipment across Australia.

Some of our wheelchair accessible toilets in our local Government Area are locked with the MLAK system. They are located at:

  • Gordon Street next to the Port Macquarie bus terminal
  • Laurieton School of Arts
  • Wauchope CWA Hall (located between the CWA Hall and Wauchope Council Customer Service Centre. Wauchope Library staff have an MLAK key).
  • Town Beach (Salty Crew Kiosk have an MLAK key and can unlock the amenities for you)
  • Town Beach HQ Kiosk (Near the skate park. Staff have an MLAK key and can unlock the amenities for you)
  • Liberty Wheelchair Swing at Town Beach HQ (Near the skate park)
  • Glasshouse (Staff at the Visitor Information Centre will have an MLAK key and can unlock the Glasshouse amenities for you)

  • McInherney Park, Port Macquarie
  • Shelley Beach, Port Macquarie
  • Lake Cathie main reserve
  • Wauchope Memorial Olympic Pool

How can I get an MLAK key?

  1. Fill in the  application form222KB pdf(PDF, 222KB) to request a Letter of Authorisation from Council.
  2. If approved, a Letter of Authorisation will be posted to your address. 
  3. Take the letter to a locksmith who is a member of the Master Locksmiths Association and buy an MLAK key. 

This page was last updated on: 16 August 2018