Outdoor business licence


Operating a business on council-managed land, such as a beach, park or reserve requires a licence. These can be granted for 3, 6 and 12 months. Fees and regulations apply. 

How to apply for a licence

You’ll need to provide

  • The ABN for your business
  • Insurance Certificate of Currency
  • A completed Risk Assessment(PDF, 121KB)
  • An Emergency Management Plan
  • A site plan and any photos of the proposed activity
  • Credentials such as proof of membership and/or accreditation with a recognised industry body
  • If a Development Application is required, you will be advised after your send in your application.

To apply for a licence

  1. Complete the Commercial Activities on Council-managed Land application form.
  2. We will contact you for payment once the application is submitted.

Application and licence fees can be found in our Fees and Charges(PDF, 6MB) document. You’ll find the information under Commercial Activities on Council Managed Land.

Renewing a licence

If you already hold a licence that’s due to expire, you can use this form to renew your licence.