Mobile food vending and food stalls


All food businesses are required to sell safe and suitable food in accordance with the provisions of the NSW Food Act 2003, Food Regulation 2015 and Food Standards Code and this include mobile food vendor vehicles and temporary food stalls.  

Temporary Food Stalls (TFS)

Temporary food stalls include any structure set up for a specific, occasional event, such as a fete, fair, market or concert. All food stalls must be registered with us before conducting business. There are fees associated with this application, apply for a temporary food stall approval and pay online.  Applications must be lodged no less than 10 business days prior to the event to ensure your approval is issued on time.

The NSW Food Authority provides a comprehensive guide of your responsibilities of operating a temporary food stall.

Mobile Food Vendors (MFV)

Mobile food vendors are vehicles which are used for on-site food preparation such as hamburgers, hot dogs and kebabs, one-step food preparation such as popcorn, fairy floss, coffee and squeezing juices or any type of food including pre-packaged food. If you are selling pre-packaged, low risk food only there are less requirements.

In addition to applying to operate a mobile food vending vehicle, all mobile food vehicles operating in our area must be presented for inspection prior to approval or renewal, or as requested. Inspections can be conducted at one of our customer service centres in Port Macquarie, Wauchope or Laurieton by prior arrangement with one of our Environmental Health Officers. At which time the vehicle needs to be set up in a ‘ready to trade’ state. Vehicles registered outside of our Local Government Area are required to seek approval to operate in our area.

The NSW Food Authority have put together a Guidelines for Mobile Food Vending Vehicles which provides the food safety standards and requirements that need to be met along with a convenient checklist that allows operators to identify any key issues that they may still need to meet prior to operating. 

Private Land Use (MFV only)

The State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) allows mobile food vending vehicles to trade from private land subject to certain criteria.  Certain development standards apply including a requirement for the consent of the landowner, a limit of one vehicle per site and the hours of operation being restricted to 7am to 7pm in residential zones. Notification to us is still required.

Your application may also require development approval.