Apply for Outdoor Dinning or Outdoor Trading Approval


You can apply to use a council road, footpath, or reserve for outdoor dining or trading if the space is adjacent to your business.

This is a requirement under the NSW Roads Act and Section 68 of the Local Government Act. There’s an application fee, and rent will be charged if your application is approved. 

To apply for approval:

Know the requirements

Complete your application

To apply, complete the Outdoor Dining and Outdoor Trading Application form.

Have the application fee ready to pay

  • You can find the application fee in our 2023/24 Fees and Charges(PDF, 3MB) under Financial Management – Lease Fees on Council Land.
  • We will contact you to organise payment of the fee after you lodge your application form. 
  • To encourage outdoor dining spaces in the Camden Haven and Wauchope, the application fee and the first 12 months’ rent are currently free for all new outdoor dining spaces.