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Economic Development Strategy and Steering Group

The Economic Development Steering Group “EDSG” is an interactive forum in which local government and business and industry leaders develop the strategic economic development direction for the local government area. The EDSG is committed to collaboration, innovation and development of a ‘whole‐of‐place’ approach for the purpose of promoting local product and industry on a state, national and global market.

The objectives of the EDSG are to:

  • Assist Council in the development of the overarching strategy for economic development across the local government area;
  • Assist Council in developing an overarching economic development action plan incorporating whole‐of‐Council initiatives as well as internal division‐specific initiatives;
  • Noting Council’s agreed role, assist Council in the development of a plan that undertakes to prioritise various sectors and initiatives where Council can get the best leverage and value‐add from carrying out its role.
  • Assist Council in the identification, prioritisation and establishment of industry‐specific working groups. The objective of each working group is to develop industry specific strategies and action plans that feed into the overarching economic development action plan. Council will be accountable for carrying out its defined role within each plan and it is envisaged that EDSG member organisations will also have accountable roles within each plan.
  • Assist Council in the development of criteria by which to measure the success of the strategy;
  • Assist Council in the development of whole‐of‐place marketing strategy which includes tourism and destination marketing; and 
  • Assist Council in the prioritisation of its resources in economic development. 

Economic Development Strategy

Council's 2017-2021  Economic Development Strategy1MB pdf(PDF, 1MB) was developed with the help of the business industry and the Economic Development Steering Group. The five key economic development outcomes that are identified in the strategy include:

  1. Embracing business and a stronger economy
    A council that recognises the importance of a strong economy and fosters a culture that is supportive of business and that ensures the economic development of the region is a central consideration in all its activities
  2. Providing the Foundations
    A Council that leads and takes responsibility for contributing to the liveability of the region through improved planning, infrastructure and services
  3. Creating Vibrant and Desirable Places
    A region that embraces opportunities and attracts investment to create additional jobs and increase the wealth of the region and its residents
  4. Embracing Opportunity
    A region that embraces opportunities and attracts investment to create additional jobs and increase the wealth of the region and its residents
  5. Partnering for Success
    A Council which works alongside key stakeholders in business, government and the community with a focus on maximising economic return and an efficient and effective business environment.

For more information about Council’s Economic Development Strategy or the EDSG please contact Council’s Group Manager Economic Development on 6581 8111.

This page was last updated on: 01 July 2019