Economic Dashboard

Welcome to the Port Macquarie Hastings Economic Dashboard by REMPLAN. Our Economy Dashboards provide a streamlined interface to explore, interpret, and report on key economic indicators.  Our infographics present complex data in an easy-to-understand format, including the latest estimates of vital indicators such as population, output (gross revenue), unemployment, regional exports, median house prices, business counts, and building approvals.

With comprehensive data and interactive charts, each indicator is accessible via the intuitive interface, allowing users to quickly navigate and explore the information needed for decision-making and reporting purposes.


Port Macquarie is a mature, long-established community with regional centre status. This status comes from its broad-based public and private business sectors, coupled with a dynamic retail and commercial district. Port Macquarie and surrounding areas has also been a thriving centre of tourism for many years. Greater Port Macquarie has a $5.09 billion local economy and is a net exporter. We sell more products and services to customers outside of the LGA (approx. $2.21 billion) than we import ($1.73 billion). This is considered to be an outstanding performance for a regional economy.