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Digital resources for business

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Your guide to getting online: Digital Business

The Australian Government's Department of Industry, Innovation and Science has developed an informative website to maximise the benefits of the digital economy for all Australian businesses. The website is designed to be used as a resource by small business and community organisations, or individuals thinking about setting up a business or community organisation, that want to learn more about how to develop an online presence and how this may benefit their organisation.

Getting Online

Why do organisations choose to go online?’, ‘What online options do I have within my budget?’ and ‘What is an online business plan and why should I write one?’. Getting online provides answers to these questions and guides business in how to start the process of going online.

Creating a website

Look at how to make plans and set budgets, buy a web address, develop web content and build, promote and maintain a website.

Marketing tips

Effective online marketing can help make sure people know about your online presence. It can let you in on what people are saying online about your organisation and may help you to use data about how your online presence is used to continuously improve your operation.


If you want to sell goods and services, there is a range of e-commerce software and services available.

Business Tools

An introduction to a number of online business templates and tools to help an organisation run more efficiently, reduce cost, better manage customers and remotely manage an organisation.

  • Digital Business Kits
    Digital Business Kits (DBK) provide industry-specific information and resources to assist small-to-medium enterprises and not-for-profit organisations to engage in the digital economy and take advantage of the opportunities available through digital technology.
  • Online training resources
    Tips on the range of training that you, your colleagues and staff can do over the internet. These resources can help increase and improve your staff’s set of skills without increasing costs and can also help broaden the range of services business can offer.

Get productive and grow with technology - Free Ebook

Technology - now more so than ever – is enabling companies and individuals to be more productive and efficient. The challenge lies in companies and individuals being able to equip themselves with the right tools. This free eBook, Get productive and grow with technology solutions demonstrates how SMEs don’t need to spend huge amounts of money in order to achieve massive productivity gains. The main topics covered are;Technology challenges, Resources and outsourcing, Staff disengagement, Lack of funds and Regulatory burdens.

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