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Broadband Case Study - Clifton Drive GP Super Clinic and C2a

The following case study was compiled following an interview with  Port Macquarie GP Super Clinic.

Port Macquarie GP Super Clinic has authorised the use of this content on this website and it should not be re-used without the permission of  Port Macquarie GP Super Clinic.

The information and views contained in this case study are those of  Port Macquarie GP Super Clinic and are not necessarily endorsed by Port Macquarie-Hastings Council.

This case study is provided to demonstrate the experience of local businesses in the digital space.


Infrastructure provider:


Business name:

Port Macquarie GP Super Clinic (38 Clifton Drive)

What connectivity problems/challenges were you faced with as a business?

The Port Macquarie GP Super Clinic on Clifton drive opened its doors in October 2014. 6 weeks out from their launch date they were notified that they were unable to have physical phone lines installed within the launch timeframe even though the former premises (a nursing home) had many phone lines available before demolition.

What were the main requirements for a solution to the problems?

The Clifton Drive area was notorious for sub standard ADSL quality and given the nature of the GP Super Clinic, quality and reliability in telephony and internet were identified as key to running a successful business.

In addition, the GP Super Clinic required that this service be available from day one so a quick implementation turnaround was necessary

Why/How was a service provider chosen?

Joel from C2a had been in contact with the GP Super Clinic implementation staff from before the kickoff of the build process. When it was determined that access was going to be delayed C2a was contacted to identify if they had a possible solution.

Were there any other options you found as part of choosing a carrier?

Standard carriers were also consulted in identifying a solution but were able to have telephone lines installed in time for launch.

What changes did the carrier put in place for your business?

Fixed wireless was installed on the premises using physical hardware on the roof of the clinic allowing speeds of up to 20 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload

What was the impact of this implementation on the business?

The primary goal of having a working internet and telephone system from day one was met.

C2a were reliable and very responsive with a solution in place in optimal time. They were easy to work with and customer service was prompt. The solution put in place provided fast, reliable access to the internet.

Have you identified additional uses for the bandwidth since that time?

The GP Super clinic has high availability requirements when it comes to internet access: Secure messaging, Email and Telehealth (use of telecommunication techniques for the purpose of providing telemedicine, medical and health education over a distance including transmission of images, voice and videoconferencing), and all require reliable, fast access to the internet with minimal downtime. Additional bandwidth to support offsite backup/disaster recovery may be required in the future.

In the event of a data link failure impacting VOIP services, an ISDN service will automatically be engaged as well as an alternate broadband service.

If you were encouraging another local business to take up business-grade high-speed broadband, what would you say were the main benefits?

The main benefits for the GP Super Clinic have been a quick install (in terms of the business launch), reliability and a service partner who will address issues in a prompt manner and provide high-quality customer service.

C2a is also a local company and to date have been easy to work with.

Was it a cost effective solution?

The solution put in place for the GP Super Clinic may have been cheaper with a larger, more well-known provider but given requirements around availability and quality of service, the C2a implementation is providing the business with what they need so cost is relative.

When nbn is available to the Port Macquarie region or additional service offerings from C2a, this system may be reassessed.

This page was last updated on: 04 August 2016