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Commercial Grease Traps

Commercial premises who prepare and cook foodstuffs are required to install and maintain an adequately sized grease trap (arrestor).  This grease trap must be cleaned out regularly to prevent the discharge of grease, oil and food solids to the sewer. 

When a grease trap is cleaned out:

  • The grease trap must be completely pumped out, not just skimmed
  • The sides are to be cleaned of all residue
  • The grease trap is to be partially refilled with water
  • All waste from grease traps must be deposited at an approved Council location
  • A copy or record of the frequency of pump-outs is to be kept onsite for Council's Trade Waste Inspector.

NOTE:  Bacterial additives, pesticides, enzymes and solvents etc, are not approved to be used in grease traps.

What are you sending down your pipelines?

What you put down your sink and into the sewerage system can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the sewerage treatment process and the health of the local environment. 

Fats and oils solidify in your pipes forming a thick greasy film and odour. Pouring fats, cooking oils and food scraps down the sink can result in damage to the pipes within your property and cause blockages that can be costly to remove.

Everything that goes down your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, laundry sink and toilet is considered sewage. All of it makes its way to our Hastings sewerage treatment plants where it is treated to environmental standards

Prohibited Substances

The Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 prohibits various substances from being discharged to Council sewers. To obtain the list of prohibited substances, please contact Council’s Trade Waste Inspector on (02) 6581 8111.

This page was last updated on: 18 June 2020