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Registering public swimming pools and spas

All public swimming pools and spa pools located on premises within the area must be registered with Council and with the NSW Government. A public swimming pool or spa pool includes premises such as: gyms/health clubs, hotels/motels & other accommodation places, schools, hospitals and learn to swim centres. A pool or spa at private residential is not a public swimming pool or spa however it is still required to be registered with the NSW Government.

These premises are regularly inspected by Council officers to ensure they comply with the Public Health Act 2010 and the Public Health Regulation 2012.


 Notification of Public Swimming Pool or Spa71KB pdf(PDF, 71KB)

NSW Government Swimming Pool Register

Further Information

NSW Ministry of Health Swimming Pools and Spa Pools (Public)

 A Guide to: Clean Pools for Healthy Swimming755KB pdf(PDF, 755KB)

This page was last updated on: 17 September 2020